Who Is Behind Her Jewelry Box 2



Her Jewelry Box 2 is owned by jewelry designer and artist Laronda Garcia. Her Jewelry Box is a brand that provides Chic,Fun and,Flirty pieces. Her designs range from Afrocentric, Urban, Classy and Sophisticated. She has several collections to choose from like the Aromatherapy and healing section, Hand Painted Earrings and of course Custom Designed Jewelry Boxes. Her Jewelry Box2 started with a young woman who had a love for art, shopping and unique finds. Sitting on a floor in one of her friends living room with she knew she would one day make custom jewelry. She and her friends began a journey together but later went their separate ways. That passion for art and jewelry still burned inside but she did not know where to begin.

Laronda began working at a job that made her jewelry spirit rise. It was filled with these passionate woman from all different  cultures and she created a little piece of sparkle for each of them. They marveled over their bracelets and the journey began. They encouraged her to develop and open a business...so she did! What made them so perfect was the little note that comes  with them.

**Thank you (Farrah &Vicki😘)**

Her Jewelry Box was created with you in mind with the idea that woman all around the world would be able to express themselves through the art of  adorning themselves in pieces of jewelry perfect for their jewelry box. Our focus is on creating pieces that speak to women all around the world. We love culture!

We simply want to enhance the individual beauty that women already posses by adding a little bling and a personalized touch. We strive to provide a premium customer service experience and make sure our customers are fully satisfied. It does not matter if you are a mom, student, a boss, fly girl, someo e who is sophisticated & educated, a free spirit, spiritual or a religious woman or just a hard worker there is something in our Jewelry  Box for everyone.We are here for you and would love to help you shine! So check out our jewelry box, so we can take an item from ours and add an item to yours.