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Starbucks Choc.Frappuccino Airpod Case

Starbucks Choc.Frappuccino Airpod Case

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To all my Starbucks lovers this is attributed to you 😘.

1 Airpod case. **Ear buds not included.**

1 Airpod Case and Bracelet Set. Comes with Airpod Case and one Starbucks Charm Bracelet with a 2nd beaded (green, pink, brown or white bracelet).

1 Airpod Case and Key Chain of your choice. There are 2 options.

News: Bead selections are based upon availability or the keychain you choose. We will match 2nd bracelet to that.

News: Bracelet sold separately if you don't get the set. Check out the beaded bracelets section.

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